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How can you give support? We use 3-4 fields that we physically put into the map. For the ones with several points, we will use a slider. Graphics could be: For “Inform” somebody at the edge of the river talking to a small group of people. For “Act” somebody who is planting a tree at a bold spot beside the river. For “Support” / “Finance” a boat in style of a dollar bill floating along the river. For “be responsible” a tourist that keeps distance to a dolphin.


Raise awareness: Talk with your family and friends, share information on Social Media


Fundraise and donate to ongoing conservation projects on the Amazon river and dolphins


Use your hands: Volunteer your time to conservation projects and participate in environmental clean-ups around the Amazons 

  • Join us on our Dolphin expeditions

Empower the dolphins: Support policies and sign petitions that urges the government to protect Bolivian Amazon River Dolphins and their habitats

Be Responsible

Reduce, reuse, and recycle: Avoid using disposables such as plastic bags, prefer reusable items or paper bags.

Stop river pollution: Be aware of the chemicals used in house detergents, cleaners and cosmetics. The same goes for fertilizers and pesticides in your garden or at farms.

Meet the dolphins: As a tourist in the Amazon, be responsible – keep distance, remain quiet and do not throw waste into the river. Do not feed the dolphins!