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Dolphin Conservation Our mission to conserve the Bolivian Amazon River Dolphin

Scientific Research

Cooperatively conduct scientific research:  (see the SARDI cooperation with Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brasil)

  • To close information gaps about the Bolivian River Dolphin. See for example how we use satellite tags to know more about dolphin movements 1 along the river.
  • To understand anthropogenic impacts on the Bolivian Amazon River Dolphins and the river ecosystem. Freshwater dolphins are useful bioindicators for the assessment of the health of river ecosystems as they are sensitive to habitat changes
  • To make better decisions and recommendations on river dolphin conservation and management measures (for example aiming at reducing fisheries impact)
  • To achieve sustainable development by giving better advice to social and economic projects on the consideration of minimizing environmental impacts on the Bolivian Amazon River Dolphin and riverine ecosystem

Promote Awareness

Promote interest and awareness in the public on the Bolivian river dolphin and their Amazonian river habitat and protect the species

  • Facilitate fluid communication to the media and press to inform the general public on our work and on the conservation status of the Bolivian Bufeo

Work with the government, local communities, farmers and fisheries

Educating and advising the government, local communities, farmers and fisheries on dolphin-friendly measures

Educational Materials

Publish and provide educational material about these dolphins to the public. See publications or visit