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Current laws and conservation efforts on these species

  • 2008

    The regional government of the Beni province declares the Bolivian Bufeo as ¨Natural patrimonium of the Beni province¨.

  • 2009

    The Bolivian River dolphin is recognised as VULNERABLE to extinction in “The Red Book of Threatened Vertebrate Fauna of Bolivia”

    Published by The Ministry of Environment and Water (MMAyA) of the Plurinational State of Bolivia (1)

  • 2012

    The Bolivian Bufeo has been declared Bolivia’s Natural Heritage

    By the Bolivian parliament with legislation ban to fish them and programs to protect their habitats. Here you can download the law No. 284 (2).

  • 2013

    The Ministry of Environment and Water of the Plurinational State of Bolivia

    Approved the “National Plan for the Conservation of the Bolivian River Dolphin – Inia boliviensis 2012-2016” (3). The main goal of this national action plan was to promote the conservation of river dolphin populations and their habitats through the planning and implementation of research, public advocacy, communication, environmental education and sustainable management in the period of 2012-2016. Click here1 to see some of the main milestones of this plan.

  • 2015

    The National Plan for the Conservation for Threatened Species

    In Protected Areas (SNAP) 2015-2020 (4) highlighted that monitoring and environmental education on Inia boliviensis as key actions in protected areas.

  • 2019

    Inia geoffrensis was reclassified by IUCN as Endangered (EN)

    Based on an evaluation of conservation status (5). Because IUCN did not recognize the Bolivian river dolphin yet as a separate species, this is now also the official global category for this species.

  • 2020

    The Directorate General for Biodiversity and protected areas (DGB-AP)

    Of the MMAyA is preparing the second conservation plan for the Bolivian river dolphin, which takes into account the lessons learned during the implementation of the first plan.